Meet our project partners

Microkosmos is an independent, non-profit, international organization established in 2016 in Italy. Founded as a centre for
language certification, the association has always oriented its work toward three principles: accessibility, inclusion and

NGO founded in 2011, non-profit, with aims to support the sustainable development of communities in the North East of Romania, South –West of Ukraine and entire Republic of Moldova through learning partnerships projects and organizing continuing training programs for adults.

The e-NABLE Community is an amazing group of individuals from all over the world who are using their 3D printers, their designing skills and their spare time, to create free 3D printed hands and arms for those in need of an upper limb assistive device. The community started its activities on 2013 and now counts more than 3000 members all over the world.

The Adult Education Institution Dante is a competitive, modern and efficient institution that has been carrying out adult education programmes in Rijeka, Croatia, for 30 years. Dante attracts numerous generations of adult learners by offering quality educational programmes and courses that respond to the needs of modern society and contribute to the development of adult education at the local, regional, and European level.

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