Target groups inside partnership

  • Adult trainers of the organization staff and from partners’ network
  • Adults with LD that attend the formal or non-formal trainings of project official or associated partners
  • Professionals and companies, which collaborate with project partners in the field of connecting Adult education with work placements

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Target groups outside partnership in local, regional, National or European level:

  • Adult learners, with or without LD
  • Educators in formal and non-formal adult education establishments
  • Therapists and professionals working directly with adult learners with disabilities, e.g. occupational therapists, psychologists, counsellors, social workers and others
  • Specialists in Higher Education institutes in relevant departments
  • International bodies active in the field of adult education and training
  • Providers of trainings for educators, incl. public and private entities and individuals such as mentors, trainers, etc.
  • Providers of social services for adults with disabilities, including residential services, day centres and other forms of social services
  • NGOs working with the adult education sector, and NGO networks
  • Researchers and experts in the field of Microlearning
  • Policy makers and civil servants in the education sector, incl. ministries, local and regional authorities, municipalities
  • Professionals from other sectors, e.g. school education, who are working with children with disabilities – The family members of adults with LD
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